Disney Channel Star Launches Customized-Nail-Wrap App

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G. Hannelius

'Dog With a Blog's' G. Hannelius partnered with Minx for the new personalized photo-based app Make Me Nails.

Leave it to a Disney Channel star to reinvent the nail-art industry. The 16-year-old Dog With a Blog actress G. Hannelius was looking for a way to make the trend more accessible for young people when she met digital-marketing agency owner Lauren Jones, who suggested a digital app.

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“I’ve always loved doing nail art,” says Hannelius, who says she started six years ago, when she was just 10. “I posted nail-art tutorials on YouTube, and my fans really responded to them and re-created the designs.” What’s different about this app — which took about a year from conception to its launch on Saturday — is that there’s no skill required. Make Me Nails only requires that the user be able to take a photograph — a no-brainer, today. Users upload up to 10 snapshots to completely customize a set of nail wraps to be shipped, made by Minx, the original creator of the revolutionary product. (Celeb manicurist Tom Bachik introduced them.)

As for why Hannelius thinks this will take off: “In retail, women are marketed nail wraps called ‘girly’ or ‘rocker’ — they’re labeled,” she says. “Customization is great because women aren’t just a label. They can create whatever they want instead of being sold a very specific stereotype or design.”

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The teen adds a few of her own tips for nail-wrap success: “Repeated patterns look really pretty, like something that’s tiled. And people’s faces look great. I’ve done my dogs on my nails, which is cute, as well. Use the best-quality image you can find because it’ll be cleaner on the nails.”

And, of course, for the not-so-creatively inclined, there are preselected designs to choose from, and there will be a celebrity ambassador each month who will pick her faves. Hannelius also has her eye on a few celebs she’d love to see use the app: Demi Lovato, who she says “always has incredible nails,” and YouTube star Bethany Mota.


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