Disney Earnings Leak Traced to Faulty Web Address

This month's leak of Disney's fourth-quarter earnings earlier was inadvertently caused by a faulty, easy-to-guess web address.

Bloomberg News was able to publish the company's financial report half an hour before it was to be released because a staff member figured out the web address where the information was stored.

The Associated Press reports that Bloomberg's editors took the URLs from Disney's previous earnings reports -- which contained the letters "q3" and "q2" -- and substituted "q4" for the fiscal fourth quarter. The technique worked and Bloomberg gained access to the document without having to enter any sort of password.

Disney spokesman Jonathan Friedland told the Associated Press that the company has "yet to complete our investigation" of the most recent leak.

Bloomberg used a similar tactic to successfully acquire fiscal information for the data storage company NetApp Inc. before it was publicly released.