Former Disney Employee Spared Prison Time for Leaking Earnings Statement

Bonnie Hoxie, the former Disney employee who leaked company earnings statements to her boyfriend --  who then tried to sell the information -- was sentenced to three years' probation Tuesday in New York.

Hoxie was an executive assistant to Disney senior vp of corporate communications Zenia Mucha in May 2010 when she procured the documents. She pled guilty to conspiracy and wire fraud charges in September.

Hoxie told the court she had been "blindsided by love" and "did not make the correct choices" when she passed the information to Yonni Sebbag. She will serve four months of home confinement and work 100 hours of community service for her crimes.

Sebbag was given a much harsher punishment in January: 27 months in prison plus deportation. He had already been behind bars for eight months when he was sentenced.

The pair's scheme, which even Sebbag's attorney called "harebrained," unraveled when they sold the information for $15,000 to an undercover FBI agent. In fact, none of the 33 investment companies Hoxie and Sebbag reached out to took the bait, and many of them contacted authorities.