Disney Infinity Launch: Toys R Us to Open Early, Offer Special Promotion


The interactive video game platform will be available Sunday, with stores nationwide selling figures and accessories related to Disney and Pixar characters.

When the interactive video game platform Disney Infinity launches Sunday, Toys R Us stores nationwide will open one hour early to offer the new game and related figures and accessories, Toys R Us announced Thursday.

The Disney Infinity line of games and accessories will become available even earlier  on Toysrus.com/ Disney Infinity, beginning at midnight Sunday. Orders can then be picked up at a store during the day.

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Toys R Us is planning an interactive display at its stores, and on Sept. 7 will host a Disney Infinity Power Disc Trade event giving customers the opportunity to exchange game discs with other fans and receive special product offers.

The new Disney game platform will be available on Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3Ds Wii (for consoles and the iPad).

Disney Infinity promises an immersive video game experience which brings to life Disney and Pixar characters and interact together “for the first time,” according to the announcement.

Toys R Us will also sell figures from the Infinite Crystal Series, which are collectibles that have “enhanced game abilities,” and Power Discs that can be used to unlock special in-game powers, gadgets, cyber world vehicles and more.

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The line will launch with 18 collectable interactive figures and 21 different Power Discs. Those available only at Toys R Us will be Lighting McQueen Infinite Crystal Series figure and Mike’s Car Power Disc (from Monsters Inc.). Others will come out in the future.

Disney Infinity offers kids the opportunity to not only combine their toys and the digital world,“ said Richard Barry, Toys R Us’s executive vp and chief merchandising officer, “but also allows them to bring together their favorite Disney and Pixar characters, including Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Lightning McQueen from Cars, creating new worlds and storylines of Disney magic.”