Ex-Disney Marketing Executive Reveals Hollywood Hookups, Threesomes With Porn Stars

Amy Graves/WireImage
Josh Sabarra and Ricki Lake

Josh Sabarra, who also worked at Miramax and New Line and now heads his own PR company, dishes major dirt on how he paid for male escorts and a TV personality who was so drunk she fished a $100 bill out of the toilet in his new coming-out memoir, 'Porn Again'

A version of this story first appeared in the Nov. 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Josh Sabarra, a former marketing executive at Disney and Miramax who now heads his own PR company, isn't the typical, risk-averse publicist. Sabarra, 39, dishes major dirt in Porn Again, his just-published coming-out memoir. A virgin until age 31, he sure made up for lost time as he describes close encounters with the Hollywood famous and near-famous in bold-faced, eyebrow-raising detail.

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NAMING NAMES Sabarra boasts of high-profile flings with Alan Cumming, whom he met at his former best friend Ricki Lake's house and had a tryst with at the Chateau Marmont that is described in vivid detail (the Good Wife actor is likely to be pleased with Sabarra's complimentary assessment of his anatomy), and Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir, whom he met when they were both hanging out with Elton John and his husband, David Furnish (he and Furnish were comparing cellphone pictures of their favorite male porn stars). He and Weir had little in common but he scores their sex as a 10.

BLIND ITEMS He's coy about others, like "Ms. TV Personality," who got so drunk at a Vegas party for her friend "Mr. Rockstar" that she fished a $100 bill out of the toilet and then had to be taken to her room in a wheelchair. Or there’s "Ms. Character," a "household name" reduced to doing Hallmark movies, who humiliates him when he joins her birthday weekend in Park City as Ms. TV Personality's plus one. There's also the obligatory "Famous Actor" (presumably one who's not out) whom Sabarra beds. But he calls current client Nancy Grace "Ms. Bombshell" and describes her as one of his few true friends.

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SEX WITH PORN STARS Unhappy that the only person he had had sex with was his live-in boyfriend Gavin (no last name), he spiced up their relationship with threesomes with adult performers and male escorts from rentboy.com at $300 a pop. Colton Storm was a favorite.

BF-NOT-QUITE-F Lake allegedly threw him under a bus, having an underling fire him when her talk show faltered while another staffer schemed to replace him as the host of the online-only After Ricki show. Now he retaliates against his former BFF (they bonded when Sabarra advised her on the marketing of her 2008 project on home births) with stories about how she gleefully recounted having unprotected sex with a new lover and photographed herself going to the bathroom (No. 2!) in the woods.