Disney's MT Carney Bids Farewell In Internal Memo to Studio

43. MT Carney

President of Marketing, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures*

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The marketing executive and boss Rich Ross sent emails out Monday, marking the official confirmation of her exit from the post of worldwide president of marketing which has been subject of months of speculation.

It's official: marketing executive MT Carney is out at the Walt Disney Co. Carney sent the following emails to the studio on Monday afternoon:

After much consideration, I have decided to leave the Disney family to return to my own. It is terribly hard to leave, but I have been constantly torn between my kids and my job, and like all good Hollywood movies, the kids have to win.

This has been a challenging and exciting job, and I have learned a great deal in my time with all of you. I am truly lucky to have had the chance to lead this incredible team on so many wonderful projects. I’m particularly proud of the amazing and creative work that came out of our global hits like Tangled, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Cars 2, and The Help, as well as The Muppets and War Horse, and John Carter and The Avengers to come.

I want to thank you all for your understanding and support. This has been a remarkable journey and I look forward to seeing your continued brilliance everywhere.  But now it is time to get back to winter in New York and my amazing kids.

All my best, always,


Carney's soon-to-be former boss Rich Ross also sent an internal memo addressing her departure:

I want to share with you that MT Carney has made the decision to leave the company and return to New York to be with her children. Under her leadership, our marketing organization has put together some of the most wide-reaching campaigns we have ever launched. I am incredibly grateful and thank MT for all of her insight and expertise, but I fully respect her decision and wish her all the best.

We have, in my opinion, the best marketing team in the business and the work I've seen over the past two years has been nothing short of extraordinary.

I realize there is much work at hand on our upcoming projects and I appreciate your dedication as always.


Carney, who joined Disney under chairman Rich Ross in April 2010 as president of worldwide marketing despite no experience in the film business, has been the subject of months of speculation about her future at the studio. Carney had not been seen in her Burbank office at Disney for several weeks, and she previously expressed a desire to return to New York, where her children are based.