Disney Movies Anywhere Heads to Android Devices With Google Play Pact

Courtesy of Disney

The cloud-based service is no longer exclusive to iTunes

Almost nine months after launching Disney Movies Anywhere with Apple integration, Disney is expanding its movie service to Android devices through a partnership with Google Play.

The deal gives Android users the ability to purchase more than 400 Disney, Pixar and Marvel titles through Google Play and then store them in the cloud-based "movie locker" to access later on any device using the DMA app and website. Android users will also be able to view exclusive content for free through the service. 

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DMA, which launched in February, is Disney's response to Ultraviolet, a digital movie locker service unveiled in 2011 with the support of every major studio except Disney. DMA's only digital partner at launch was iTunes, although it also works with the digital copy codes from DVDs and Blu-rays.

DMA's launch with Google Play coincides with the home video release of Maleficent, and users who connect using a Google account will receive a free digital copy of Wreck-It Ralph

By adding Google Play to the mix, DMA allows users to download a movie through iTunes and watch it later using a Nexus tablet or, conversely, download a movie through Google Play and later watch it on an iPad. That kind of multi-platform integration is key for DMA, says Jamie Voris, the service's chief technology officer. 

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"I have daughters who are nine and 11. We have some iOS devices and some Android devices, and we have purchased movies in both locations," he says. "It's hard to manage where your movies are and where you can play them. The real promise of DMA is to link those accounts and have all your movies go into your DMA account." 

Google Play previously has offered digital downloads for Disney films, but integrating with DMA further aligns the two firms, says Jon Zepp, head of movie partnerships for Google Play.

"We think that the DMA vision is really complete with the introduction of Play to ecosystem," he adds. "It delivers on the promise of being able to enjoy the content across platforms and ecosystems. The story really isn't complete until you see that cross-environment experience."

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