Netflix, Redbox Avoid Disney's Waiting Period, Acquire 'John Carter' Through Outside Retailers

"John Carter"

"John Carter" prompted a $200 million write-down, and Rich Ross left two megabudget films for 2013.

The providers of cheap movie rentals will purchase DVDs at outlets such as Wal-Mart.

A Disney policy that technically began with The Secret World of Arrietty has Redbox and Netflix heading to Wal-Mart and other outlets to purchase copies of the John Carter DVD.

Disney said earlier it would join Universal Pictures and Fox in imposing a 28-day waiting period on new releases, but sources say both Netflix and Redbox decided that instead of waiting, they'd simply go around Disney for access to John Carter -- a $250-million box office flop.

Sources said that Redbox and Netflix determined that Disney was not offering deep enough discounts to warrant waiting four weeks before acquiring the studio's DVDs.

Five months ago, Warner Bros. slapped a 56-day waiting period on Netflix and Redbox. While Netflix went along with the new policy, Redbox has been stocking its kiosks with WB DVD's it obtains through parties other than the studio.