Disney Parks Donate 100,000 N95 Masks to Hospitals Amid Pandemic

Disneyland Anaheim Park on March 14 2020 - H
David McNew/Getty

A closed Disneyland in Anaheim, California on March 14, 2020.

In addition, the conglomerate has donated more than 270 tons of food to local food banks in California, Florida and Paris.

The Walt Disney Co., through its parks division, has donated more than 100,000 N95 masks for medical professionals in New York, California and Florida amid the coronavirus crisis, the company said Wednesday. 

In addition, Disney has donated more than150,000 rain ponchos to the humanitarian aid organization MedShare for distribution to hospitals, according to the parks' official blog

“We have to find ways to pool our resources and work together to help the health care workers who are doing their very best to treat patients and contain COVID-19," MedShare CEO Charles Redding said in a statement. "We appreciate Disney partnering with us to support hospitals and health care workers on the frontlines.”

The news comes days after the company announced that executive chairman Bob Iger would forgo his entire salary, and recently named CEO Bob Chapek will take a 50 percent pay cut to his base salary amid the coronavirus pandemic, which forced all the parks and Disney Stores to close last month. Disney will continue to pay parks employees through April 18. 

Since the parks have been closed, Disney has donated more than 270 tons of food to local food banks in California, Florida and Paris, the parks division said in its Wednesday note. The company also says it provided nearly $3 million in in-kind donations for communities around the globe.