Disney, Rudin in 'Synchronicity'

Project will center on male synchronized swimmers

Disney, Scott Rudin and "Hannah Montana" producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are developing "Synchronicity," a comedy that pokes fun at the world of synchronized swimming.

The project will center on male synchronized swimmers and follow in the steps -- or strokes -- of sports comedies from the likes of Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller.

Marty Scott and Toni Kotite, the APA-repped scribes who recently sold the comedy spec "Parent Class" to Overture Films, will write the screenplay. The duo are working on a draft of the script.

Gough and Millar had brought the project to Disney a number of years ago and had been developing it under the regime of former Disney topper Nina Jacboson; Rudin joined the project more recently. Kristin Burr is overseeing for Disney.

Disney has of course produced a wide range of comedies in recent years, with this latest project an opportunity to mine a younger male demo that a number of studios have had success with.

Milar and Gough, creators of "Smallville" and writers on movies such as "Spider Man 2" are currently producing the "Hanna Montana" movie for Disney. Rudin has had a recent string of dramatic hits, but the producer also is known for comedies, producing 2003's Jack Black starrer "School of Rock."

The fictional sport of male synchronized swimming has been a popular comedic target dating back to Harry Shearer and Martin Short's well-known "Saturday Night Live" skit in 1984.

Steven Zeitchik reported from New York; Borys Kit reported from Los Angeles.