Disney secretary pleads guilty to stealing

Faces 10 months in jail for trying to sell company secrets

A former Disney secretary pleaded guilty Tuesday to stealing insider information to sell it to buy designer handbags and shoes.

Bonnie Hoxie faces four to 10 months in jail, a much lower sentence than the 25 years she could have faced if a jury had convicted her. She will be sentenced on Dec. 21, the New York Daily News reports.

Hoxie, who worked for Disney public relations executive Zenia Mucha, was charged with conspiring with boyfriend Yonni Sebbag to sell Disney's financial secrets. The couple sent out anonymous letters to investment companies, many of which turned them over to the FBI.

Hoxie's lawyer, Robert Baum, says the plan was cooked up by Sebbag without his client's knowledge.

"She's angry and she's upset about what he did," Baum said. "Needless to say, she hasn't seen him since."

Baum also pointed out that Hoxie eschewed handbags and expensive shoes for her court date.

"She dressed very simply, nothing expensive. Just black pants, black blouse - and no bag," he said.
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