Disney to Launch Digital Subscription Service in U.K.

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Box Office: $1.063 billion worldwide

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DisneyLife will bring together movie, TV, music and book content via an app and is expected to be rolled out across Europe in 2016.

Walt Disney will next month launch an app-based digital subscription service in the U.K. that will bring together much of its movie, book, TV and music content.

A Disney spokeswoman confirmed the plans first reported by The Financial Times.

Dubbed DisneyLife, the service will offer, in streamed or downloaded form, thousands of Disney Channel episodes, as well as hundreds of books, music albums and movies, including the complete Pixar catalog. It won't include Marvel movies and Lucasfilm's Star Wars films.

Disney plans to roll out the service across Europe in 2016, including in France, Spain, Germany and Italy. There are currently no plans to launch the service in the U.S. where its content distribution agreements are structured differently than in Europe, the FT said.

The monthly price for DisneyLife will be $15.43 (£9.99). Subscribers will be able to watch or read content in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

DisneyLife will include built-in controls so that parents can set time limits on their children’s profiles for weekday and weekend use.

Said Disney chairman and CEO Robert Iger: "Families are accessing entertainment in completely new ways, but their love for Disney and our unique characters and stories remains the same. DisneyLife is a great example of our strategy to utilize technology to connect with consumers in more direct and compelling ways, something that only Disney can do."

Added Andy Bird, chairman, Walt Disney International: "We have had the privilege of going back through decades of Disney entertainment to curate our largest collection of fan favorites. DisneyLife will put those memorable scenes, songs and stories at your fingertips and provide families with a new, convenient way to enjoy the magic of Disney at home or on the move."