Disneyland Union Leader Says Anaheim Staff in "State of Limbo" Over Park Reopening Date

Disneyland Anaheim Park on March 14 2020 - H
David McNew/Getty

A closed Disneyland in Anaheim, California on March 14, 2020.

The conglomerate has been mum about its plans to reopen the parks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A Disneyland union leader is asking the Walt Disney Co. for an update as to what is happening with the Anaheim theme park so staff members know if they will continue to get paid and have medical insurance. 

"After going all day, and evening, yesterday without having any meaningful conversation about the resort closure and the impact it is having on the cast, more action was felt necessary," says a Thursday post from Workers United Local 50 on its Facebook page, which includes a letter to the Disneyland vice president of labor relations.

The union verified to The Hollywood Reporter the letter was genuine and it had been sent. A similar letter was sent from the union for Walt Disney World. 

The Disneyland letter, authored by Workers United Local 50 president Christopher Duarte, begins, "Our members, your cast members, are very concerned about their economic well-being after March 31. They are in a state of limbo and worried about their medical insurance, rent, food and other necessities."

Disney has closed its North American parks since March 14. As of Friday morning, the Disneyland website still states the park is closed through March 31. Earlier in the week, Universal Studios announced its Hollywood and Orlando parks would extend their closures until April 19. 

In his letter to labor relations vp Robin Almand, Duarte noted that Universal Studios updated its reopen date and said its staff would continue to get paid until that time. 

"Disney continues to remain silent, and, in fact, the posting of scheduled hours going only through March 31 has resulted in cast members' anxiety and uncertainty that Disney will not pay wages and medical benefits may be interrupted," Duarte wrote. 

The letter concludes asking that the company continue to pay park employees until at least April 19, again referencing Universal Studios. 

A Disneyland rep did not immediately respond to a request for comment.