Disneynature and Jane Goodall Institute Team Up for Chimpanzee Program


Funds raised from the "Chimpanzee" movie will help wild chimps in the Republic of Congo.

The studio that Mickey Mouse built is now in the business of aiding chimpanzees.

Disneynature, the Disney division that makes wildlife films, is teaming with the Jane Goodall Institute on the “See Chimpanzee Save Chimpanzees” program. 

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Chimpanzee is the film about Oscar, a young chimp in the African forest, that opened April 20.

Disneynature is making a 20 cent per-ticket donation to the Goodall institute for every ticket bought during the first two weeks of the film’s run. 

So far Chimpanzee has grossed $24 million at the box-office.

The funds raised will help protect a 129,236 acres (202 square miles) habitat for wild chimpanzees in the Tchimpounga Nature Reserve in the Republic of Congo. 

It also includes an education program in the Congos’ schools on the importance of protecting chimps.

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The primates are targets of the “bush meat” trade where they are killed and eaten.

Goodall said in a statement that Chimpanzee has “substantially raised public awareness about the threats facing chimpanzees and their habitat” and the money raised helps protect “these amazing beings and their forest home.”