Disney's 'Sofia the First': Musical Number Reveals Why Animals Are Drawn to Princesses (Exclusive Video)

The animated TV movie's all-star cast includes Ariel Winter, Sara Ramirez, Wayne Brady and Tim Gunn.

Ever wonder why woodland creatures are always drawn to animated princesses?

There's a simple answer, and it's revealed in a musical number featured in Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess, Disney's first little-girl princess movie.

In this sneak peak, exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, a rabbit named Clover (voiced by Wayne Brady) sings a song whose title hints at the attraction: "A Little Bit of Food."

The animated, music-filled movie, set in the storybook world of Enchancia, introduces Sofia (voiced by Modern Family's Ariel Winter), an average girl whose life suddenly transforms when her mother marries the king and she becomes a princess, Sofia the First. Disney's Cinderella makes an appearance in the movie to offer Sofia some words of wisdom as she learns to navigate the life of royalty.

Sara Ramirez and Tim Gunn also voice roles in the movie, aimed at kids ages 2-7.

It will premiere at 7 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 18, on Disney Channel and at 9 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 22, on sister channel Disney Junior. A Sofia the First television series will premiere in early 2013.