Ditch the Plastics and Chemicals: 8 Eco-Friendly Finds for Home and Self

Eco-friendly Products for Home and Self
Block: Courtesy of No Tox Life. Ball, Straw, Detergent: Courtesy of Brands/Without Waste Shop. Cutlery, Floss: Courtesy of Prostainable.

Reusable bamboo cutlery, compostable dental floss and glass straws are among the options available from Los Angeles-area zero-waste shops.

In the last few years, a number of stores have sprung up all over the Los Angeles area that are committed to not only selling eco-friendly products but also promoting a lifestyle focused on creating less plastic waste. They are part of a movement some call the zero-waste lifestyle.

“Basically our goal is to try to get plastic out of the landfill,” says Tonia Soteros, founder and owner of the shop Recontained, which she opened in 2019 on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California.

The store — along with like-minded spots such as Otherwild in Los Feliz, Prostainable in Woodland Hills, Sustain LA in Highland Park and The Wasteless Shop in Manhattan Beach — stock bulk cleaning and self-care items so that people can refill containers. “We do have containers that people can buy from us, but if I never sold another container again in my life, I’d be very happy. People can bring in their own containers.” Recontained’s bulk offerings include cleaning products, body wash, body scrub, face moisturizer, serums, eye creams, face masks, toothpaste tabs, loose-leaf tea and olive oil. “I even have a self-tanner and shave cream. I just don’t want people to have to sacrifice things they love in order to make a better choice for the planet. All of the products are vegan except for one that has beeswax.”

The stores also sell everything from bamboo toothbrushes to reusable dishcloths to plastic-free dental floss. One online seller, Without Waste Shop, offers delivery in and around Los Angeles. Below are eight items that provide an earth-friendly alternative to common products:

Plant-Based Laundry Detergent

Better Life's unscented, natural, color-safe offering comes in a 16-ounce refillable glass container; $6, withoutwasteshop.com

Glass Straw

Handcrafted, dishwasher-safe teal glass straw by Simply Straw; $9, withoutwasteshop.com


Compostable Dental Floss

Georganic's corn-based plastic floss with activated charcoal powder and peppermint oil and refillable glass container; $6.90, prostainable.com

Eco Dryer Ball Using Friendsheep's wool dryer balls to soften laundry eliminates the need for single-use dryer sheets; $16 for a pack of four, withoutwasteshop.com

Dish Soap Bar

No Tox Life's palm oil-free, organic bar can replace the use of plastic-bottled liquid dish soap; 6-ounce bar, $9, notoxlife.com

Reusable Bamboo Cutlery

Easy-to-pack utensil set in bamboo also includes chopsticks and a straw. (Plastic cutlery is rarely recycled.) $12, prostainable.com

Mouthwash Tablets in Plastic-Free Packaging

Georganics' mouthwash tablets are free of fluoride and glycerin and are flavored with organic peppermint oil and packaged in a glass jar with an aluminum lid. $18, thewastelessshop.com

Body Lotion in Refill Jar

EO Lavender Body Lotion is sold in bulk and available in a plastic-free refill container at Otherwild; from $6 for 2.7 ounces to $74 for half a gallon, otherwild.com