'Divergent' Star Shailene Woodley: 'My Stunt Double Is a Complete Badass' (Video)

Woodley tells THR of a 66-foot free-fall shot for the film: "There's actually a lot of stuntmen who have died doing that stunt."

Divergent may take place in a fictional future, but making it feel as real as possible was key for the cast and the director.

Star Shailene Woodley says her stunt double was an important part of that and helped the film look real by going all out for the stunts.

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"My stunt double is a complete badass," Woodley tells The Hollywood Reporter. "She did a 66-foot free fall. She's not attached to any wires or anything. There's actually a lot of stuntmen who have died doing that stunt." 

Adds co-star Theo James: "A couple of stuntmen got 25 stitches."

Woodley and the cast, speaking with THR at Comic-Con last year, also revealed which Divergent faction they would choose in real life and what they'd do to survive a zombie apocalypse. (See video below.)

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