DJ Khaled's Tour Bus Catches Fire (Video)

DJ Khaled Bus on Fire - H 2012

DJ Khaled Bus on Fire - H 2012

Surveying the wreckage, the rapper-producer says, "this s--t is stressful."

DJ Khaled escaped the worst over the weekend after his tour bus caught fire, destroying $500,000 worth of his jewelry, not to mention all of his clothes and other valuables.

The rapper-producer's bus went ablaze en route to a concert last Friday, when he tweeted a photo of the disaster from a safe vantage point on a dark highway. Fortunately, there were no injuries and Khaled and his team are OK; the cause of the fire is not known, according to the Huffington Post.

In a video blog on his website, Khaled offered a close-up of firemen and police cars surrounding the burning bus. He lamented the loss of his personal effects, saying: "This ain't no rented bus this is my bus, hard work and money."

Khaled, who is featured on the new Kanye West single "Way Too Cold," said he lives on the road, "so basically what I'm trying to tell you is, this s--t is stressful. But it ain't gonna stop what i'm trying to do. It ain't gonna make me stop from climbin' the mountaintop."

He then vowed to continue touring in support of his forthcoming album, Kiss The Ring, making orders not to cancel any further gigs.

Watch the fiery footage below.