DJ Paris Hilton Closes All Her Sets With "Stars Are Blind"

Paris Hilton amfAR - Getty - H 2016
Kevin Tachman


The year was 2006. The Devil Wears Prada had just hit theaters, Lindsay Lohan was peak Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton had just dropped the song of the summer: "Stars Are Blind." 

You'll remember the song, which reached No. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100, for its poetic lyrics, Hilton's silky-smooth vocals, and its sultry, black-and-white music video. If you're thinking, "Ah yes, a timeless classic," then you're not alone. DJ Paris Hilton, whose residency at Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza kicks off this weekend, considers it the eternal song of the summer.

While promoting her 20th fragrance, Gold Rush — a scent she describes as more sensual than any other of her perfumes — on Wednesday, the heiress noted that she closes every set with "Stars Are Blind." 

"It was just the 10-year anniversary — which I cannot believe it's been 10 years, that's insane to me," she said of her hit. "But that song just has so many amazing memories that go with it. … It's just, like, the perfect summer song."

She added, "I actually play it at all my shows at the end of my set. I always put it on as the last song. I'll get up and dance on the DJ booth and sing and get in the crowd. It's just always a really good time."

In addition to DJing for the rest of the summer, Hilton told Pret-a-Reporter that she'll also be traveling to promote her sexy scent ($30-$60), available at Perfumania stores, her aunt Kyle Richardson's Beverly Hills boutique, Kyle By Alene Too, and online beginning July 20. That's definitely hot.


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