DJ Paul van Dyk: Madonna Should Have Quit After 'Ray of Light'

Paul van Dyk - H 2012
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Paul van Dyk - H 2012

The famed electronics music producer joins chorus of catcalls directed at the queen of pop.

DJ Paul van Dyk has joined the anti-Madonna chorus.

In an interview with German news service dpa on Tuesday, the electronics music veteran said the pop diva should have retired long ago.

"I think she should have quit after her good Ray of Light album (in 1998)," van Dyk said. The Grammy-nominated producer, who has remixed songs for stars including Justin Timberlake, Depeche Mode and Britney Spears, said he wouldn't be interested in working with the Material Girl. "I have remixed a few of her songs but in general I only work with people who inspire me and Madonna right now doesn't," van Dyk said.

Van Dyk's comments follow in the wake of Elton John's broadside against Madonna, in which the British singer compared her antics on her MDNA tour to "a fairground stripper" adding: "her career is over."

This isn't the first time van Dyk has criticized Madonna. The Berlin-based DJ said the singer made "the biggest mistake of her career" in March this year when she apparently used a slang term for ecstasy in front of a crowd at the Ultra Music Festival.

"Madonna was so stupid to call out drug abuse in front of a crowd of 18-year-olds" van Dyk told Billboard at the time. Madonna later claimed she had been misunderstood and had not meant to promote drug use.