DMG Pacts With China Film Association to Promote Chinese Movie Industry

The company behind Hollywood co-productions "Looper" and "Iron Man 3" joins the state-backed group to tackle issues facing the business in the country.

The China Film Association (CFA) has announced the formation of the International Communication Committee of the China Film Association (ICCCFA) at a press event held in Beijing on Wednesday.

The subcommittee will deal with the most pressing issues facing the Chinese film industry. Its first act was to create a film forum where cultural export strategies, best practices for Hollywood-Chinese co-productions, cultural exchanges of young filmmakers and other issues will be discussed between key stakeholders. 

Kang Jianmin, secretary-general of the China Film Association, said: "The mission of the Chinese film industry should not only focus on content, even though content is king. It should also nurture a solid foundation of new technology, creativity and talent – in other words, focusing on industry development at-large. This macro-strategy, if successfully implemented, will most rapidly create a world-class film industry."

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Film company DMG was named the new committee's exclusive business partner, and DMG CEO Dan Mintz will become a founding consulting member of the subcommittee. DMG's president Wu Bing was named vice president of the ICCCFA.

DMG was the first Chinese company to co-produce major Hollywood studio films, including Iron Man 3, Looper and more recently Transcendence. The CFA said it was attracted to the company because it was an “established and proven film entity with strength in creation, content, technology and talent.” It signaled that it sees DMG as the model for what U.S.-China collaborations should look like. 

Gu Guoqing, CEO of the ICCCFA was more explicit in his support of entities like DMG, in a translated statement he said: "US studio partnerships with prestigious Chinese film studios such as DMG provide a platform of collaboration and cooperation benefitting the Chinese film industry at-large and should be supported as such."

Other key members of the ICCCFA subcommittee include Zhang Hongsen, Chief of the Film Division of State Press and Publication Administration of Radio Film and Television; La Peikang, Chairman of China Film Group Ltd.; Fu Ruoqing, Executive Chairman Huaxia Film; Gu Guoqing from China Film Foreign Promotion Company; Tian Xueping, Director of the International Communication Office of the Ministry of Propaganda of the Central Committee of the CPC.

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