Dobbs takes 'Early' shift as contributor


NEW YORK -- CNN anchor and best-selling author Lou Dobbs will join CBS' "The Early Show" as a special contributor beginning next week.

Dobbs will do weekly commentaries on Tuesdays for "Early Show" and stick around to answer questions from the crew.

The longtime CNN newsman's profile has been raised in recent years with his battles on behalf of the middle class and his controversial stands on immigration, both of which are major themes of his weekday "Lou Dobbs Tonight." But it won't just be Dobbs giving his opinion and then leaving; CBS News vp Steve Friedman said Tuesday that he'll face sometimes tough questioning on his commentaries from "Early Show" anchors Harry Smith, Hannah Storm and Julie Chen.

"We're not giving him a free ride to talk," Friedman said. The topic will be picked by Dobbs in concert with Friedman and senior executive producer Michael Bass.

The deal with Dobbs, which is reportedly a one-year agreement, is the latest in a handful of CNN-CBS deals that have been struck recently where CNN talent will also appear on CBS. It includes Anderson Cooper, who contributes pieces to "60 Minutes," and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who is contributing to "CBS Evening News."

It goes the other way too, with CNN political analyst Jeff Greenfield moving full-time to CBS as a political and cultural analyst following expiration of his CNN contract. CNN Headline News host Glenn Beck is contributing to ABC's "Good Morning America."

"We're always looking for the opportunity to get people who are passionate, and Lou is very passionate about his world," Friedman said. "We got to talking, and I have to be honest, the Glenn Beck thing did sort of jog my mind. It's a good move for them."