Doc centers on Red Cross' Haiti efforts

Canadian crew following relief workers after earthquake

TORONTO -- A Canadian documentary crew is following the Red Cross relief effort in earthquake-hit Haiti as part of a three-part film series to be distributed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

Toronto-based producers PTV Productions Inc. will shoot over the next six months the rescue and recovery series "Inside Disaster" for TVO and Canal D in Canada, with a 2011 airdate.

The Canadian cameras will follow International Red Cross and Red Crescent disaster relief workers now on the ground in Haiti supplying water, health care, shelter and food to earthquake victims.

The documentary will focus first on the race to save lives post-earthquake, and the recovery effort that will follow in the next few months.

"Inside Disaster" director Nadine Pequeneza first approached the Red Cross in 2007 to make a film about their disaster relief teams and the challenge of dealing with increasing natural calamity around the world.

The Canadian doc follows similar films in recent years to chronicle rescue efforts after earthquakes in West Sumatra, Sichuan and Kashmir.

Over the next month, Pequeneza and her team will also post photos, blogs, video and mini-documentaries on for viewing in French and English.

The Canadian documentary is being made in part with federal government funding and subsidies.