Doc examines 'Heroes of the Holocaust'

Michael King to produce and direct feature-length project

Documentary filmmaker Michael King is producing and directing the feature-length documentary "The Rescuers, Heroes of the Holocaust," which focuses on non-Jewish diplomats who worked to save Jews during the Holocaust. He has developed the project in collaboration with British historian Martin Gilbert. Joyce D. Mandell will serve as exec producer.

The film will be seen through the eyes of Stephanie Nyombayire, a young Rwandan woman and anti-genocide activist who worked as a research assistant for Gilbert.

The film will be shot throughout Europe and will retrace the route of thousands of escapees from the Nazis as they fled to China, Portugal, Argentina, Japan, Britain, the United States and even the small Caribbean island of Curacao.

Among those to be profiled in the film is Princess Alice of Greece, who hid Jews in her palace in Athens during World War II, and Aristide de Souza-Mendes of Portugal.
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