'Doctor Snuggles' Creator Jeffrey O’Kelly Plans Live Action/SFX 'Blarneyland' Film

The project will mix live action with SFX leprechauns and faeries.

LONDON – Jeffrey O’Kelly, creator of animated TV series Doctor Snuggles, is putting together plans for movie Blarneyland, a live action/SFX project complete with leprechauns, faeries and other such Celtic mythology.

O’Kelly is not just banking on the luck of the Irish to get the project off the ground and is packaging the idea to be a movie and an animated TV series called The Blarneys for an audience of three to nine year olds but not forgetting a nod to grown-ups.

Blarneyland is a fictitious place where past, present and future merge. The hero, Padraig, has been summoned to Stonehenge by his father, the Wizard of Odds, who tells him that because of his mystical gifts he has been specially selected to save the Wee Folk of the Netherworld; the Blarneys, the Faeries and the Leprechauns. The wee folk are being threatened by their nemesis, Grim Jim, who together with his nefarious band of Shamrogues, Skankers and Pookahs, is seeking ultimate power by wrecking the harmony of Blarneyland.

Billed as a family orientated live action and SFX project, it is bankrolled through the private equity group, Penpower.

O’Kelly has formed a joint venture with executive producer Hush Chatlani to form the Penpower Group for the project.

Stealth Media Group is handling sales during the upcoming Marche du Film during Cannes.