'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Gets Cryptic Title

Doctor Who Season 8 Trailer Screenshot - H 2014

Nick Frost plays Santa Claus in the festive episode

Season 8 of BBC sci-fi hit show Doctor Who may have drawn to a close, but Whovians still have one final opportunity for a Tardis adventure this year: the traditional Christmas special.

The festive epsiode with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman is set to star Nick Frost as Santa Claus, although it's unknown whether he’ll be bringing gifts or terror. What we do know is the episode’s name: Last Christmas.

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The title is likely to add to rumors that the episode will be Coleman’s last, with U.K. newspapers long speculating that the actress will leave the show in the new year, and with showrunner Steven Moffat telling The Hollywood Reporter earlier in the month that while Capaldi had signed on for another season, she was yet to be confirmed.

Coleman first joined the show full-time as the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald in the 2012 Christmas special alongside Matt Smith.