'Doctor Who' to Face Off Against Simon Cowell in U.K. Ratings War

Doctor Who Still - H 2014
Adrian Rogers, BBC/BBC Worldwide

Doctor Who Still - H 2014

The BBC is moving the Time Lord to a later slot on Saturday night to accommodate 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Peter Capaldi’s latest incarnation as Doctor Who is set come up against perhaps his biggest adversary so far: Simon Cowell.

In an move announced on Wednesday, the BBC revealed that in order to accommodate the upcoming 12th season of Strictly Comes Dancing — known as Dancing With The Stars in the U.S. — starting 27 Sep., Doctor Who would be bumped to a later Saturday slot of 8.30 p.m., the show’s latest in its history and a potential threat to its younger audience

The switch will see the timelord now go head-to-head with rival broadcaster ITV’s reality king X Factor in the ratings wars.

The eighth series of Doctor Who premiered 23 Aug. with an audience of some 6.8 million in the U.K. tuning in to witness Capaldi’s debut, but has since slipped to fewer than 5 million.