'Doctor Who' Season 11 Production Hit By Yet More Leaks As New TARDIS Revealed

After footage of new doctor Jodie Whittaker found its way online, an image of the iconic TARDIS console room has now surfaced.

The production team on the BBC science-fiction show Doctor Who has been hit by yet another leak from its hugely secretive production.

On Thursday, an image surfaced on social media of the new console room in the Doctor’s time-traveling ship, the TARDIS. The picture was taken on set in Cardiff, Wales, seemingly by a member of the production team. Filming on the new season wrapped last week.

In the near 55-year history of the show, the TARDIS has changed numerous times (and quite often when the lead actor changes) and, for fans, is a momentous event.

The new TARDIS set can be seen in full in the leaked pictured, and features crystalline elements and hexagonal shapes as seen in an official promotional picture released by the BBC last month (pictured above). It also matches the style of the new Sonic Screwdriver (the Doctor’s all-encompassing tool) as revealed at San Diego Comic-Con last month.

Doctor Who production designer Arwel Jones, who has worked on all episodes of another BBC global hit, Sherlock, took to Twitter to vent his understandable frustration at the situation:

“Just found out that there's a leaked photo of the Tardis interior, that alone makes me livid! The fact that it's a dreadful photo, taken by someone with no hint of artistry & unlit makes me absolutely effing incandescent with rage!”

Given the massive secrecy and crackdown on spoilers from new showrunner Chris Chibnall, also known for his information lockdown on Broadchurch, this latest breach is all the more surprising.

But it's not the first time Doctor Who secrets leaked this year.

Just two weeks ago, stills photographer Ben Blackall inadvertently released a dozen promotional pictures of the new Doctor Who season on his website. The images revealed a glimpse of the new TARDIS, unannounced guest cast and upcoming storylines.

And, earlier this week, BBC Studios continued their search for the source of leaked footage from Jodie Whittaker’s first episode. Legal papers obtained detail that Microsoft have been subpoenaed regarding the sharing of a file containing video content from Doctor Who Season 11.

Season 11 of Doctor Who will open with a feature-length episode, followed by nine 50-minute instalments, in the fall on BBC America. Chibnall (Broadchurch) is head writer and executive producer, while Matt Strevens (Tin Star) and Sam Hoyle (Broadchurch) are exec producers for BBC Studios and Ben Irving (Paddington, Paddington 2) is exec producer for BBC One. BBC Studios is the international distributor.

Doctor Who is a BBC Studios production for BBC One and a BBC America co-production.