'Doctor Who' Season 9 Opening Episode Title Revealed

Doctor Who Last Christmas - H 2014
Courtesy of BBC America

Doctor Who Last Christmas - H 2014

But there's still no confirmation as to whether Jenna Coleman will stay on as assistant

There may still have a Christmas special to get through, but it seems there’s no chance of post-festive season rest for Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord.

News regarding the upcoming ninth season of Doctor Who is finally starting to emerge, one item being the name of the very first episode: The Magician’s Apprentice.

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Use of the word ‘apprentice’ could well be a clever piece of gossip-churning on the part of showrunner Stephen Moffat, with the fate of the Doctor’s assistant Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, expected to be outlined in the Christmas special.

Conflicting rumors about whether she would be leaving the show or staying have emerged over the past few months, with Moffat himself confirming to The Hollywood Reporter that while Capaldi had signed on for the next season, Coleman had not.

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In the latest edition of SFX magazine, Moffat continued to keep the speculation going, saying that season nine would build on "Peter and Jenna. Well, if Jenna’s in it."

"We took the Doctor/companion relationship to a place that’s much more real, much more damaging and with more consequences. And whoever the companion is, you want to continue that idea. It can be a thrilling, exciting relationship but actually it can be a dangerous one too," he said.