Does Mark Zuckerberg live out of a duffel bag?

Lawyers argue over Facebook CEO's residence.

In a legal case brought by a man who claims he is entitled to control 84% of Facebook, lawyers on Wednesday argued about the "transient" lifestyle of the social networking site's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A lawyer for the man said Zuckerberg lives a life out of a duffel bag, arguing the lawsuit should be tried in New York state because Zuckerberg doesn't have legal roots in California, the Journal said.

The paper said lawyers for Zuckerberg called the lawsuit a "fraud." Zuckerberg "is a 26-year-old man who has spent almost a quarter of his life building this company," his lawyer told the court. "There's not a shred of evidence that he is living out of a duffel bag anywhere, period."

The hearing came on a day when Facebook deepened its relationship with Microsoft search engine Bing. The New York Post said the move could put pressure on search giant Facebook to make a move of its own, such as strike a deal with Twitter.

In announcing the deepened Bing connection, Zuckerberg said Microsoft is a great partner because it is an "underdog."

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