Dog Shows Up at Hospital Where Owner Battles Cancer

Dog Walks Into Hospital - H 2015
Courtesy of ABC

Dog Walks Into Hospital - H 2015

The dog walked more than 15 blocks, apparently in search of her owner.

Dogs really are a man's best friend.

A dog from Cedar Rapids, Ia. is winning over America's heart for her dedication and resilience to visit her owner that is in the hospital battling uterine cancer.

Nancy Frank has been hsopitalized at Mercy Medical Center for the past two weeks recovering from surgery. On Feb. 7, Nancy's husband Dale noticed that Sissy, the couple's white miniature Schnauzer, was missing in the wee hours of the morning.

"I kept checking everywhere, calling out, 'Sissy! Sissy!'" Frank told ABC News. "I was pulling my hair out."

At 5:30 a.m., security officer Samantha Conrad called Dale to inform him that Sissy was found at the hospital, more than 15 blocks away from the couple's home, in search of her owner.

The medical center surveillance camera captured Sissy walking in the automatic door entrance, wandering the hospital halls for Nancy's room.

“She was on a mission that night to see her mom," Frank said.

Conrad found Dale's contact information on Sissy's dog tag and contacted him about her whereabouts. The Franks' daughter, Sarah Wood, went to the hospital to pick up Sissy and return her home to Dale and their second mini Schnauzer, Barney, but not before paying a well-earned visit to Nancy.

"[Sarah] told her mom, 'I got a surprise for you!'" Dale said. "My wife was like, 'How'd you get her in here? Did you sneak her under your coat?'"

The hospital allowed Sissy and Nancy to spend a few moments together before Frank's daughter returned the escapee pup home.

"Sissy's 11 now, and we bought her when she was just about 8 weeks old. She came up to me, scratched my leg and fell asleep on my shoulder," Dale said. "I'd say we didn't pick her, she picked us."

The family is uncertain how Sissy knew where to find Nancy as the dog had never visited the hospital previously. Dale said that Nancy continues to receive chemotherapy, but doctors believe the majority of Nancy's cancer is gone.