In the d'oh: 'The Simpsons Movie' still tops

Ani comedy marks 4 weeks of No. 1 at o'seas boxoffice

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Homer and Marge eked out a month in the No. 1 spot internationally during the weekend as "The Simpsons Movie" laughed all the way to an estimated $23.4 million from about 7,000 screens in 61 territories.

No. 1 openings in Russia (an estimated $5 million from 545 screens), Brazil ($3 million from 459 locations for a 55% market share) and Holland ($801,000 from 200 sites), plus strong holdover market action, kept the 20th Century Fox animation title on top. The Brazil bow was Fox's biggest opener in the market this year.

The most durable holdover territory remains the U.K., where in its fourth weekend "Simpsons" pulled an estimated $3.1 million from 517 screens. The film's U.K. market gross comes in at a mighty $68.6 million; it's set to open in Korea on Thursday. The international gross for "Simpsons" stands at $270 million; worldwide, its $435.1 million.

Hitting its stride after a limited overseas debut the previous weekend, "The Bourne Ultimatum" emerged at No. 2 overall, grossing an estimated $22 million from 1,470 screens in 19 markets.

The third film in the action franchise starring Matt Damon as amnesiac assassin Jason Bourne opened in eight territories during the weekend, notably in the U.K. and Spain, where it registered a strong first place in each market. It also had No. 1 bows in Denmark, Finland and Singapore.

"Ultimatum's" early international gross is $27.8 million; it has grossed $191.6 million worldwide.

The U.K. opening accounted for most of the weekend's gross: The tally there was an estimated $13 million from 458 screens, representing 39% of the market's total boxoffice. "Ultimatum" handily outpaced the No. 2 title, New Line's "Rush Hour 3," by 240%.

In Spain, "Ultimatum" opened the day before Wednesday's national holiday and pulled an estimated $5 million at 373 screens. Distributor Universal International expects it to outgross both previous "Bourne" titles in Spain sometime this week.

Overall, "Ultimatum" is tracking 122% ahead of 2002's "The Bourne Identity" and 76% ahead of 2004's "The Bourne Supremacy." The film has 36 foreign territories yet to play; it opens in Russia on Thursday and Brazil on Friday. "Ultimatum" opens in Australia on Aug. 30.

In the third spot overall is Warner Bros. International's "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," which grossed an estimated $16.2 million from 6,800 screens in 61 territories, lifting its overseas gross to $594 million.

"Phoenix" ranked No. 1 in its fifth Japan weekend, registering $2.6 million from 630 screens for a market cume of $65 million. In China, it pulled an estimated $4 million from its second weekend at 528 situations, down just 27% from its opening. Its market cume stands at $14.2 million.

France has fallen hard for Disney/Pixar's "Ratatouille." The animated film is No. 1 in the market for the third consecutive weekend, drawing an estimated $7.1 million from 723 screens, a mere 19% drop from the previous weekend's tally.

The France market cume for "Ratatouille" stands at $34.7 million, and Disney predicts the film will become the second-biggest Disney/Pixar release in the market (after 2003's "Finding Nemo") by the weekend.

"Ratatouille" opened in Portugal during the weekend and collected $998,000 from 80 sites -- or $12,475 per screen -- making it the second-biggest animation-title bow ever in the market, after "Shrek the Third." Overall, it ranked No. 4 for the weekend with an estimated $15.4 million from 3,483 screens in 30 territories. The overseas gross so far is $149.5 million.

DreamWorks/Paramount Pictures International's "Transformers" finished No. 5 on the weekend, grossing an estimated $11.8 million from 4,750 screens in 60 markets. Its overseas cume stands at $354 million.

"Rush Hour 3" is playing via a network of local distributors in 17 markets, of which nine are new. The Jackie Chan-Chris Tucker cop caper opened at No. 1 in Germany (an estimated $4 million from 616 sites), Austria and Hong Kong ($256,000 at 35 screens). Overall, it grossed an estimated $9 million over the weekend.

"Surf's Up," Sony's animation title, yielded an estimated $6.8 million from 2,170 screens in 44 markets. It opened in five new territories, the biggest of which was Spain, where the film ranked No. 4 with an estimated $2.5 million from 452 sites. The international cume stands at $24.6 million.

Universal International's "Evan Almighty," sparked by six new market bows, registered $5.9 million for the weekend from 3,600 screens in 30 territories, lifting its overseas cume to $33 million. Fox's "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" hoisted its overseas total to $133 million thanks to an estimated $5.5 million weekend at 1,900 screens in 13 markets.

PPI's "Stardust" shook off an estimated $4.6 million from 667 sites in four markets, raising the overseas cume to $8.8 million; the biggest of the film's four openings was Korea, with $2.4 million at 176 screens. Fox's "Die Hard 4" registered $4.5 million from 2,200 situations in 31 markets, lifting the overseas cume to $213 million.

WBI's "Ocean's Thirteen" drew an estimated $3.4 million from about 1,200 sites in 43 markets for an overseas cume of $179 million. Universal International's "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" bowed at No. 1 in Australia ($1.9 million from 228 screens) and pulled $2.3 million overall from 375 locations in six markets, for a cume of $5.2 million.

Other overseas cume updates: Universal International's "Knocked Up," $18.2 million; DreamWorks/PPI's "Shrek the Third," $415 million; WBI's "No Reservations," $5 million; and Universal International's "Mr. Bean's Holiday," $188.9 million.