Doha Film Institute, Italy's Giffoni Film Festival Strengthen Ties

Doha Film Institute CEO Abdulaziz Al Khater.

The Qatari cultural organization and Europe's largest children's festival enhance their relationship ahead of the inaugural Ajyal Film Festival for the Young.

LONDON -- Qatar's Doha Film Institute is planning to grow and develop its ongoing partnership with Italy’s Giffoni Film Festival, the largest European film festival for children.

DFI, responsible for the territory's audiovisual cultural development, aims to ramp up the relationship following its plans to launch two festivals following the recent conclusion of its cultural partnership with Tribeca Enterprises, which birthed the Doha Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year.

DFI has had a pact with the Giffoni Film Festival since 2010, with the two collaborating on programming for younger audiences.

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The collaboration saw international youth jury members fly to Doha for the "Doha-Giffoni Experience" during DFI’s annual film festival, while DFI sent young people to Giffoni in Italy to sit on juries there.

DFI CEO Abdulaziz Al Khater said: "DFI is moving forward in a new direction, focusing its support on emerging international filmmakers and on galvanizing the culture of cinema appreciation in Doha. Devising collaborations with like-minded organizations from around the world is part of this thinking."

The Giffoni Film Festival has a firmly established reputation. With the inaugural Ajyal Film Festival for the Young set to take place Nov. 26-30, DFI is formalizing its collaboration with Giffoni by signing a cultural partnership agreement.

The Qatari event will create and launch the Doha Film Experience, an expanded youth jury program modeled on the previous Doha-Giffoni Experience, putting "hundreds of young people on the juries" that decide on Ajyal’s prize winners.

Claudio Gubitosi, founder and managing director of Giffoni Experience said: "We have been working closely with DFI on various initiatives and we are excited to broaden our collaboration through this cultural partnership."