Doherty goes free on a technicality


LONDON -- Pete Doherty was released Tuesday without being charged with breaching his bail conditions after authorities failed to get him to court on time.

Doherty, who has been undergoing court-ordered rehabilitation treatment, was arrested Monday in east London on suspicion of possessing drugs, police said.

The charge of breaching his bail conditions was dismissed because he had not been brought to court within 24 hours, said prosecutor Anjulika Vatish.

"The court has no jurisdiction to deal with this matter anymore," she said at West London Magistrates' Court.

This month, a judge warned Doherty that he must prove his desire to quit drugs within a month or face a jail sentence for previous offenses.

Doherty, best known as the off-on boyfriend of Kate Moss, has admitted possessing crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis and ketamine, as well as to two driving offenses.