Dolby drops price of 3-D glasses

Reusable specs will be below cost of disposables

AMSTERDAM -- Dolby Laboratories has reduced the price of its reusable 3-D glasses for digital cinema from $39 to $27.50.

"With this announcement, we demonstrate our continued effort to improve the value of owning and operating a Dolby 3-D Digital Cinema theater," said John Carey, vp worldwide sales, products and services at Dolby Laboratories.

Dolby's 3-D eyewear is a pair of "passive" glasses that does not require batteries or charging. Because the glasses are reusable, Dolby suggested that the per-ticket cost of using them will be well below the cost of disposable options.

Dolby 3-D Digital Cinema has shipped more than 500 units worldwide, reaching 24 nations, since its launch in October. That total includes about 280 systems in Europe, 100 in Asia and 150 in North America.