Dolby Launching Next-Gen 3D Glasses


The company has partnered with 3M to develop a new multilayer optical film lens that will reduce the weight of the glasses, provide more comfort for moviegoers and lower the price for exhibitors.

Dolby Laboratories is launching its next-gen Dolby 3D glasses for use with its 3D Digital Cinema systems.

"With the newly designed Dolby 3D glasses, we look to maintain the premium quality visual performance that Hollywood has come to expect from Dolby 3D, while providing a more comfortable fit for cinemagoers and a lower price point for exhibitors," said Dolby's senior cinema marketing director Matt Cuson, adding that the glasses "are designed to be used repeatedly, bringing per-ticket costs well below disposable single-use 3D glasses."

The passive glasses are available at a list price of $12 or lower when purchased with a Dolby 3D bundle -- down from a $17 list price for the prior line.

"We estimate a theater owner can pay off the (Dolby 3D) system after the first dozen titles (on average)," Cuson told The Hollywood Reporter.

Cuson explained that Dolby's 3D glasses traditionally used glass lenses. For the new line, Dolby has partnered with 3M to develop a new multilayer optical film lens that the company said reduces the weight of the glasses.

The new nylon frame features wide side temples and a shelf along the top edge of the frames, in order to help prevent extraneous light from entering the glasses.

The new frames are also designed to fit comfortably on roughly 98% of prescription glasses, according to Dolby. Plans are in place to offer children-sized glasses next quarter.