How Dolby Plans to Improve the Cinema Sound Experience

The company will demo new technology this week at the Consumer Electronics Show that is designed to address several issues.

Dolby is aiming to move the cinema sound experience toward the PC with two new technology developments, which will be initially released in Acer products.

Acer Aspire Ethos multimedia notebooks and Aspire Z Series PCs are slated to be released in the spring with the new Dolby technology.

Dolby Home Theater v4 and Dolby Advanced Audio v2 -- which will be demoed this week at the Consumer Electronics Show -- addresses issues including stereo content that lacks cinematic surround sound; poorly mixed content with unintelligible dialogue; inconsistent volume levels; and laptop speakers that might be small, not loud enough and cause distortion when volume is maximized.

The Dolby technology features include a surround decoder, which converts stereo content into 5.1- or 7.1-channel surround sound and converts 5.1 surround sound into 7.1 surround sound; the ability to create a virtualized surround sound experience over a PC's built-in speakers or over headphones; a volume leveler, to make volume more consistent; and a dialogue enhancer.