Dolby Releases List of Theaters Playing 'Life of Pi,' 'Rise of the Guardians' in Atmos

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Disney’s Stage A is among the sound postproduction facilities that now offer Atmos capabilities.

Dolby has posted on its website a list of the theaters that will play Fox’s Life of Pi and DreamWorks Animation’s Rise of the Guardians in its new immersive sound format Atmos. Both films open Wednesday and will be offered in Atmos in roughly 15 theaters each.

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The Atmos version of Rise of the Guardians was mixed at Dolby Burbank, led by rerecording mixers Jim Bolt and Oscar winner Andy Nelson and supervising sound editor and three-time Academy Award winner Richard King. Rise of the Guardians also is being offered in Barco’s new sound format, Auro 11.1.

Rerecording mixers Doug Hemphill and Ron Bartlett helmed the Atmos mix of Life of Pi, which was mixed at Fox’s Darryl F. Zanuck Theatre.

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Additional postproduction sound facilities that offer Atmos capabilities in the U.S. are Disney’s Stage A in Burbank and Skywalker Sound in San Francisco.

Internationally, Atmos mixing capabilities are offered in the Powell Theatre at Pinewood Studios in the U.K., Post Republic in Berlin, Media Business Service Studios in Hong Kong, China Film Studio in Beijing, Rajkamal Studio in Mumbai, Media Artist in Chennai and Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post in Wellington.