Dolce & Gabbana to Toast Italy's Oscar Entry 'Terrafirma'

Getty Images
Stefano Gabbana, left, and Domenico Dolce

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana -- better known as Dolce & Gabbana -- both grew up in Sicily, even though now they are the toast of Milan -- and the fashion world.

They dress many many American stars -- lately, most notably, Scarlett Johannson and Amber Heard -- have had clothes in films and use Italian actress/model Monica Belluci in many of their ad campaigns. Their entire sensibility comes from Sicily -- lots of tight black clothes, floral designs, fruit designs, leopard combined with all -- this is all very Sicilian, as they've said in many interviews. They've also said that a lot of their influences come from movies and movie stars they loved as kids.

Now the duo are putting their considerable muscle behind their homeland. The new Italian film Terrafirma is about a Sicilian island (there are many islands off of Sicity, such as Panarea, Stromboli, Panteleria, etc.) and about a group of Italian outsiders coming to inhabit it. It also turns out to be Italy's submission for best supporting foreign language film Oscar; those noms are announced in January.

We've just learned that the Beverly Hills Dolce & Gabbana store on Rodeo will fete the film Nov. 9, with its cast. Now this does not mean the designers will fly in from Milano. They don't travel to Hollywood all that often, and when they do -- for the boutique's opening -- it's quite a major event. But it does mean they're going out of their way to publicize the film, and no doubt the cast and filmmakers will be here to start drumming up those Oscar votes. Bellisimo. 

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