'Dollhouse' shuts down production

Joss Whedon taking time to rework scripts for his series

A second midseason Fox series, Joss Whedon's new drama "Dollhouse," has shut down production for a couple of weeks to work on scripts.

Filming on "Dollhouse" stopped Thursday after wrapping episode three. It came upon request from creator/exec producer Whedon, who had had spent little time in the writers room lately, busy directing the first two episodes of the series. Not completely happy with the quality of upcoming scripts, he asked producing studio 20th TV for a timeout.

Production on the midseason sci-fi drama starring Eliza Dushku is slated to resume Sept. 25.

The news follows Whedon's revelation in July that he was shooting a new "prequel" episode to serve as the show's pilot. Whedon said he opted to craft a new introduction to the series after meeting with Fox executives.

Production on another Fox/20th TV midseason drama series, "24," will be suspended next week for 18 days to do extra work on scripts.