Domhnall Gleeson Learns How to Drink From Thomas Haden Church in 'Crash Pad' (Exclusive Video)

Christina Applegate and Nina Dobrev also star in the Kevin Tent comedy.

Domhnall Gleeson gets an unexpected lesson in drinking from Thomas Haden Church in The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive clip of Crash Pad.

In the comedy, the Star Wars actor plays a hopeless romantic who thinks he's found true love, only to learn that the woman he's seeing is actually married. The fling is merely an instrument of revenge against her neglectful husband (Church), who then opts to get back at his wife by moving in with her lover and adopting the romantic’s slacker lifestyle.

Christina Applegate and Nina Dobrev also star in the movie, which was directed by Kevin Tent.

Vertical Entertainment and Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions release Crash Pad in limited theaters on Oct. 27.