Dominik Graf, Tele Munchen Group for Series on Bavaria's Cocaine Cop

Caroliine Link
Dominik Graf

Six-part series 'Blender' is inspired by the real-life exploits of an Alpine narcotics agent suspected of coke trafficking.

German director Dominik Graf (Beloved Sisters) and mini-major Tele Munchen Group are joining forces on a six-part television series, with the working title Blender, inspired by a real-life drug scandal in Southern Germany.

Graf, whose television work includes the critically acclaimed In the Face of Crime (2010), about Berlin's Russian mafia, is developing Blender together with Friedrich Ani and Ina Jung. Inspiration for the series is the real-life cocaine scandal, currently before the courts, involving a narcotics agent accused of drug trafficking.

The cop, at the time head of the narcotics division for the Allgau region of Southern Germany, was caught with 1.5 kilograms of cocaine in his work locker, drugs with a street value of nearly $300,000. His trial begins in Munich on Jan. 26.

Simon Assmann will join Graf, Ani and Jung as an executive producer on the series.