Don Lemon Teargassed in Ferguson: "We Could Barely Move"


Chris Cuomo and Van Jones also were hit with the gas

Don Lemon and part of his CNN crew were teargassed on air while covering the mounting protests in Ferguson, Mo.

Lemon was wearing a gas mask just in case tear gas entered his area, but it turned out not to be enough protection for him. After the anchor was gassed, CNN cut away to another area, and after a few minutes attempted to return to Lemon, who indicated he was not ready to air.

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After approximately 10 minutes, a coughing Lemon was able to briefly make an appearance to explain what had happened.

"The police officer threw tear gas into the crowd. Some of it got us. We tried to get to another location. We heard gunshots nearby," Lemon said. Shortly after, tear gas returned to his area, and he and Chris Cuomo fled.

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"This is going to get bad," Cuomo said before leaving the screen as gas descended upon his area.

Shortly after, Lemon returned to the air via a phone call.

"My entire crew, Chris Cuomo, Van Jones and I were out standing in front of the police department and several tear gas cannisters went off in front of us," Lemon said. "We were ushered out by our security and members of the Ferguson police department...the smoke was so thick we could barely move." 

He said that he collapsed because of the gas. 

The protests erupted Monday after a Grand Jury decided not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, who was shot at least six times on Aug. 9, according to an early autopsy report.