Don Rickles Joked He Once Threw a Dollar on the Ground to Distract Donald Trump

Left, by Win McNamee, right, by Jeff Kravitz, both from Getty Images
Don Rickles and Donald Trump.

The late funnyman didn't want to buy a condo, try as the now-president might.

Yes, Don Rickles had a Donald Trump story. And yes, it was hilarious. 

The legendary comic and film star dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live in October 2015 and was asked by the late night host if he knew Trump. Rickles, of course, knew everyone. 

The funnyman proceeded to tell a wonderful story about how Trump once pestered him to buy a condo. Rickles, finally having enough of it, said he threw a dollar on the ground in the hopes Trump would leave him alone, though he may have been saying it in jest. Of course, the way he tells it is spectacular. 

Rickles also acknowledged Trump was toying with running for president, and his reaction is classic.

Rickles died Thursday. He was 90. 

Watch the video below.