Donald Robertson's New Illustrated Book Pokes Fun at the Red Carpet

Courtesy of Penguin Young Readers Group; Neil Rasmus/BFA
'Mitford at the Hollywood Zoo' book cover; inset: Donald Robertson

Just in time for Hollywood's biggest night on Sunday!

You already know Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt and Ryan Seacrest. But what about Meryl Sheep, Brad Pittbull and Ryan Seahorse? The latter are the stars of Mitford at the Hollywood Zoo (Penguin Young Readers Group), an adorable new illustrated book by artist Donald Robertson.

In his latest tome, Robertson, who's known for his cheeky, colorful Instagram account (@drawbertson), takes Mitford the giraffe (the same lead character from his first book, Mitford at the Fashion Zoo) on another adventure — this time involving the red carpet.

A fashion assistant for Cover magazine, Mitford is sent to Hollywood to fix the glossy's cover model Rhinoana's fashion disaster before the Academy Zoowards. As Mitford helps save the day, the giraffe ends up mingling with the likes of Meryl Sheep, Shark Whaleberg, Brad Pittbull, Angelina Collie, Bee Yonsay and Ryan Seahorse.

The L.A.-based Robertson, a fashion insider who has collaborated with Alice + Olivia, among other brands, and held leadership positions at Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown, is no stranger to Hollywood, either. His drawings have been reposted by Kim Kardashian, and he counts Beyonce as a fan. Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie even did the voice of Mitford for the audio book.

Mitford at the Hollywood Zoo, priced at $17.99, is now available.

Because even if you never get the chance to meet the real Rihanna, at least you'll always have Rhinoana.