Donald Sterling to Drop $1 Billion Lawsuit Against NBA

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Donald Sterling

The lawsuit against the NBA will be dismissed within days, stated attorney Maxwell Blecher.

Donald Sterling's $1 billion lawsuit against the NBA will be dropped within the "next day or two," his attorney, Maxwell Blecher, stated to The Hollywood Reporter.

The attorney confirmed by email that -- after settlement papers are signed -- no more lawsuits will be filed against the league by Sterling, who has owned the Los Angeles Clippers franchise for more than three decades. 

Blecher also told THR that it is his understanding that Sterling will not pay the $2.5 million fine that NBA commissioner Adam Silver levied against the owner. The league is not asking for the fine to be paid at this time, he alleged.

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Sterling's suit was filed May 30 and listed the league and commissioner Silver as defendants and alleged antitrust violations and breach of contract.  

"The forced sale of the Los Angeles Clippers threatens not only to produce a lower price than the non-forced sale, but more importantly, it injures competition and creates antitrust injury by making the relative market unresponsive to consumer preference and the operation of the free market," the complaint had stated.

A day earlier, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer agreed to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers for a price tag of $2 billion.

On April 29, days after audio of Sterling's racist rant was posted on TMZ, the NBA banned the owner for life from attending league games, announced a fine of  $2.5 million and pledged to force a sale of the team.