Donald Sterling's Wife Tells Barbara Walters His Racist Remarks 'Made Me Sick' (Video)

Shelly Sterling - H 2014
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Shelly Sterling - H 2014

UPDATED: Shelly Sterling also expanded on why she's fighting to retain her 50 percent ownership stake in the L.A. Clippers in an excerpt of the legendary journalist's exclusive interview that was aired on Monday's "GMA."

Barbara Walters appeared on Monday's Good Morning America to reveal more of her exclusive interview with Shelly Sterling, the wife of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

In introducing the clip, Walters said that while people have accused Shelly Sterling of being a racist, the estranged wife said, "I have never made any racial statements... I am not a racist."

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As for her husband, Shelly Sterling said she doesn't think he's a racist, claiming he told her he didn't have any recollection of his recorded conversation with girlfriend V. Stiviano, which led her to think he has dementia.

"I have never heard him say racial things," Shelly Sterling told Walters. "It was horrible when I heard it. I mean, it was just degrading, and it made me sick to hear it. But as far as a racist, I don't really think he is a racist."

Walters later said that in speaking with Donald Sterling last week, as she tried to arrange an exclusive interview with him, which he later granted to CNN's Anderson Cooper, she can understand how someone could get the impression he has dementia.

"I won't use the word dementia; I'm not a doctor. I did find him very vague and confused and [I had to repeat] certain things. I can see that somebody could get that impression," Walters said.

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Shelly Sterling owns 50 percent of the Clippers through a family trust and is fighting to retain her stake in the team as the NBA looks to force a sale.

Asked what the team means to her, Shelly Sterling said, "It means a lot. It's my passion, and I love it, and it's my legacy to my family."

After Shelly Sterling's interview, the NBA released a statement obtained by the Associated Press clarifying that "under the NBA constitution, if a controlling owner's interest is terminated by a three-quarter vote, all other team owners' interests are automatically terminated as well.

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"It doesn't matter whether the owners are related as is the case here. These are the rules to which all NBA owners agreed to as a condition of owning their team."

On Monday evening, ABC News aired more excerpts from the interview, after which Walter explained: "Shelly's claim to the Clippers may ultimately be decided in court. Donald Sterling is the controlling owner.  If his interest is terminated, then so is hers." 

Meanwhile, Shelly Sterling's attorney, Pierce O'Donnell, said he doesn't agree with the league's interpretation of its constitution.

"We do not agree with the league's self-serving interpretation of its constitution, its application to Shelly Sterling or its validity under these unique circumstances," O'Donnell said, according to the AP. "We live in a nation of laws. California law and the United States Constitution trump any such interpretation."

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