Donald Sutherland and Sons' Hollywood Legacy: Letting Kids "Find Their Own Way"

The Sutherland Family - Photographed by Austin Hargrave - H 2017
Photographed by Austin Hargrave
From left: Donald Sutherland, Rossif Sutherland, Roeg Sutherland and Kiefer Sutherland

"Both of my parents were quite disappointed that this was what I wanted to do. I think I felt the same way for my daughter," says Kiefer, who posed for THR's Hollywood Legacies issue with dad Donald and brothers Rossif and Roeg.

Film legend Donald Sutherland and three of his five children, Kiefer (born to actress Shirley Douglas), Roeg (born to actress Francine Racette) and Rossif (also born to Racette), joined The Hollywood Reporter to pose for the Hollywood Legacies issue and discuss their relationship to the entertainment industry.

Donald is best known for his iconic roles in Oscar-winning films such M*A*S*H and Ordinary People. Recently he gave a sinister performance in the blockbuster Hunger Games franchise, and stars in this year's The Leisure Seeker alongside Helen Mirren.

Kiefer is best known for his leading role as Jack Bauer on 24, a performance that earned him a Golden Globe in 2002. He made his return to television in 2016, starring in the series Designated Survivor. His half brothers Rossif and Roeg work in the entertainment industry as an actor and film financier, respectively.

Rossif described his call to acting as "falling in love with your neighbor. One day you come home with your groceries and say, 'You know? She's a little prettier than I thought she was.' "

"We all love this industry," Rossif told THR, "because what a gift it is to play for a living."

Watch Kiefer and Rossif Sutherland's interview below, where they discuss their father's career and their own relationship to acting.