20 Outrageous Old Trump Tweets That Surprisingly Have Not Been Deleted

Tim Bower/The Hollywood Reporter

These are the tweets that will get RT'd into your timeline for the next four years — if they aren't scrubbed first.

Donald Trump may be more in love with Twitter than he is with money. 

Since joining the social media platform in March 2009 and sharing "Be sure to tune in and watch Donald Trump on Late Night with David Letterman as he presents the Top Ten List tonight!," the president has been relentless in his use of Twitter for self-promotion, but mostly for heavy criticisms of anything he doesn't like. Spoiler alert: More than half of his feed has consisted of anti-Obama posts. 

During his first year on Twitter, the posts were self-promotion and famous historical quotes. In the following few years, a portion of the posts got angrier and more combative, reaching full-Trump fever pitch in 2011 and 2012 with constant attacks on President Barack Obama, with a heavy push on the "birther" movement. 

When it became clear in mid-2016 that Trump would be the GOP presidential nominee, some of those old, random, angry, insulting tweets from years ago began to pop up through retweets because he never bothered to erase them. After he was elected president, some of the most offense, irony-filled ones were shared regularly. 

Now, Trump hardly ever deletes a tweet, but it is still surprising that an aide has not gone through his feed to trash some of the most outrageous postings.

The Hollywood Reporter went though Trump's feed, stopping at June 2015 when he announced his White House run, to see what was there. Ignoring ironic tweets — of which there are plenty — here some of the most bizarre, offensive tweets we came across that are still up. 

*Jobs died in 2011.