Kremlin Criticizes Donald Trump Ad, Sees "Demonization" of Russia

Donald Trump Super Saturday - Getty - H 2016
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"We regard it negatively."

MOSCOW (AP) — Vladimir Putin's spokesman is criticizing an online ad from Donald Trump portraying the Russian president as one of America's toughest opponents.

Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov is denouncing what he calls the "demonization" of Russia during U.S. elections.

The video features Putin and what appears to be a fighter for the Islamic State group. It says that "when it comes to facing our toughest opponents, the Democrats have the perfect answer," then cuts to footage of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton barking like a dog — a clip from earlier this year.

Peskov said Thursday he's seen the video, but doesn't know if Putin has.

The spokesman said "we regard it negatively" and complained that "the demonization of Russia and everything connected to Russia is, unfortunately, an obligatory part of an American election campaign."